Model Name DR770X-2CH Truck
Channel 2 Channel (front + rear external)
Colour / Size / Weight Front: Black / Width 118.5 mm x Height 36 mm / 104 g
Rear: Black / Width 65 mm x Height 36 mm / 157g
Speaker & GPS Built-in
LED Front: Security LED, Recording LED, Touch Sensor LED, Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/LTE LED
Rear: Security LED
Sensor 3-Axis acceleration sensor
Battery or Capacitor Built-in Super Capacitor
Recording Mode Normal Recording, Event Recording (Impact Detection), Manual Event Recording, Parking Mode Recording (Impact and Motion Detection).
Button Wi-Fi: Enable or disable the WiFi function
Proximity sensor: Voice recording on/off
Camera Front:STARVIS™ CMOS Sensor (Approx. 2.1 M Pixel),
Rear: STARVIS™ CMOS Sensor (Approx. 2.1 M Pixel)
Illumination Sensor and External Rear Camera Lights 940nm, 6 Infrared (IR) Lights
External Camera Rugged waterproof enclosure for external mounting
Viewing Angle Front: Diagonal 139°, Horizontal 116°, Vertical 61°,
Rear: Diagonal 116°, Horizontal 97°, Vertical 51°
Format Free Yes (Adaptive)
Resolution/FPS Front Camera Full HD (1920×1080) @60fps
Resolution/FPS Exterior Camera Full HD (1920×1080) @30fps
Image Quality Highest (Extreme): 25 + 10 Mbps,
Highest (12+ 10 Mbps),
High (10 + 8 Mbps),
Normal (8 + 6 Mbps)
Video Codec H.264 (AVC)
Video File Extension MP4
Warranty 36 Months Warranty (Australian Customers Only)

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